C A T C H !



For nearly 15 years, and 80 events, CATCH! helped to define the NY downtown performance scene, bringing together artists and audiences encompassing a sprawling constellation of performance worlds.   Together with Andrew Dinwiddie and joined by Caleb Hammons, CATCH! grew from the back room of a Williamsburg bar, to take the stage at some of the premiere downtown institutions in NYC and at venues and festivals across the US.  Along the way, the misson expanded from providing a space for artists just making a splash, to bringing early-career and established artists into a shared creative context, and fostering an audience ready to engage with performance art of all stripes, all the while enjoying the scene with a beer in hand.  

“It's hard to justify seeking any other form of entertainment with your Saturday night." - NY Times
︎︎︎ "A crash course in what performance looks like today." - ARTFORUM

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Venues and partners
  1. Galapagos Art Space
  2. La MaMa E.T.C.
  3. Starr Space Projects
  4. The Bushwick Starr
  5. P.S. 122
  6. The Bryant Lake Bowl | Minneapolis
  7. Center for Performance Research
  8. Fusebox Festival | Austin
  9. Abrons Arts Center
  10. TBA Festival | PICA | Portland, OR
  11. The Invisible Dog
  12. The Chocolate Factory
  13. Mount Tremper Arts
  14. The Neighborhood House | Thirdbird | Philly
  15. Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble
  16. BRIC House
  17. Bascilica Hudson
  18. Spin-off Festival | Chicago
  19. The Collapsable Hole
  20. Knockdown Center
  21. BOK building | Philly