Co-creator | Performer | Designer

Channelers is a mystical, Artificial Intelligence-driven performance modeled as a hybrid post-show Q&A session/oracular divination ritual and set to a synthpop soundtrack, with all spoken language  and lyrics generated by our bespoke-trained A.I. chatbot personae. Audience members converse in real-time with our A.I. chatbots, as channeled by our performers via in-ear receivers. A hyper-transactional Q&A gradually gives way to penetrating contemplation and critique about the nature of our bodily, emotional, and ecological autonomy.

An initial production residency and work-in-progress performance was staged at Hamilton College.  Future iterations are in the process of becoming...
Production Credits
Conceived and Co-Created by Anna Huff
Directed by Chi-wang Yang
Lighting Design by Duncan Davies
Sound Design by Anthony Christiana
Performed by and created with:

︎︎︎ Inchworm Development Grant, Hamilton College